“As exceptionally gifted as he is musical, Marty is equally gifted and passionate as a communicator of the gospel. I have personally seen and heard of hundreds of individuals who have responded to Christ and placed their faith in Him as their Lord and Savior, through Marty Breeze Ministries.”
Corbin Young
Men’s Athletic Chaplain
Texas Tech University

“After I observed Marty in his first ministry event, I was amazed! Marty had a tough crowd of inner-city, low-income middle school totally mesmerized…
Then, as he sets his guitar down…he presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ…and kids respond. The responses we’ve had out here on the South Plains has been, well, literally amazing as to the number of young people who have come to know Jesus Christ.”
Terry Kinard
Greater South Plains Director

“I believe that God has truly called Marty Breeze to be a “voice crying in the wilderness” of today’s culture. He lifts up Jesus in a sincere, genuine way and the Lord then draws people to Himself.”

Weldon Swann
FCA Area Representative

“It has been my distinct pleasure to know Marty and his family for over two years. He has proven to be one of the most faithful, gifted servants that I have ever met. He has traveled across all of Texas doing one thing – sharing the Good News found in our Savior Jesus Christ with his guitar. He has a unique style and manner that connects so well with young people. Everywhere he travels, God uses him to make a difference in young people’s life.”
Steve Keenum
West Texas Multi-Area Director

“The music was great and the guitar playing was phenomenal but really the important thing that our kids got was a straight-forward deliverance of the gospel.”
Thad Fortune

“It was a fantastic message. He touched all our kids hearts… he ignited a fire and re-energized a lot of people. We would love to have him back every year.”
Kelly Jo Sexton

“A life changing message. He presented the gospel in a certainly unique way, but also a very engaging way and in a way they’re not going to experience anywhere else.”
Damon West
Christian Educator


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